Safety starts with you

For REALTORS®, remaining vigilant while on the job is the key to staying safe and is always a top priority. It can be easy to overlook the dangers that REALTORS® may be faced with while working, even as an agent yourself. So, in order to avoid dangerous situations or safely escape any that arise, follow the tips below.


Have a clear understanding of all entry and exit points within the property. If you need to escape quickly, knowing your way around can make a big difference in how your situation plays out.

Keep your phone charged at all times so that you’re able to communicate in the instance that you need emergency help.

Make sure that someone is aware of your location at all times.

Bring someone along with you whenever traveling to remote properties

Stay aware of your surroundings. Follow the NARS tip of taking 10 seconds to observe your surroundings for potential dangers.

Be sure to keep a road atlas or some physical map handy in case you have bad cellular service or have some other issue with your phone or GPS.

Eliminate the risks of exposure to COVID-19 or other contagious illnesses by frequently washing and sanitizing hands, as well as practicing social distancing

When performing an open house, be sure to advise your client to remove personal information and valuables from their home.

For more resources on how to maintain your safety as a REALTOR®, visit the National Association of REALTORS® website.