Board of Director Nominees

Meet the Nominees for the 2021 Board of Directors

We would like to introduce you to the nominees for the 2021 Board of Directors for the REALTOR® Association of Acadiana! The dates for this year’s election are Monday, October 5, through Thursday, October 8th at 11:59PM.



Reid Smith

“I am excited to be running for President Elect of the RAA. This association has a bright future and I want to continue progressing in a leadership role that started in 2016. I was elected to our BOD as a Director for two years and was then elected as the Treasurer in 2018. Becoming a member of the Executive Team and representing the RAA on our LR BOD has been very rewarding. Our Association has certainly made some great strides (we own a building!!) which I am proud to say I am a part of, and with your vote I am not finished!!” MEET REID reidsmith

Christie House Theaux
9 Years of Service

“Serving as a Board of Director for the past two years, I have focused on learning about our association, board, and needs of our agents and community. In these uncertain times, it is critical to have solid, steady leadership, as well as someone who first seeks to understand before acting to make change. I want to do my part in leading our Association, provide a positive example for our community, and adjust to the changes we are seeing on a local, state, and national level. I look forward to hearing from you and sharing my vision for our industry.” MEET CHRISTIE



Cindy Herring
16 Years of Service

“I would like to continue to work on the Budget & Finance Committee by service as Treasurer of the REALTOR® Association of Acadiana. I have been a licensed agent since 2004 and a broker since 2008. I have served on numerous committees since 2006 including the Board of Directors in 2011. I am a graduate of LR Leadership. I am currently on the Committee and have served on several occasions. We are amid changing times and have just moved forward with the purchase of our own building. I see great things in our future and want to be a part of progress.” MEET CINDY reidsmith

Tim Skinner
9 Years of Service

“I have been a commercial REALTOR® and member of RAA for nine years and have been active in RAA, LR, and CCIM from the start of my real estate career. I have devoted a lot of time serving in leadership positions and want to continue giving back to the organization that has helped my career and trains and supplies valuable services to its membership. I am specifically suited for the Treasurer’s leadership position with a degree in finance, former commercial banker, accounting experience, along with the other knowledge I have gained serving on many committees, boards, and commissions.” MEET TIM

Board Member at Large


Tony Cobarrubia
5 Years of Service

“My name is Tony Cobarrubia and I am running for a director position on the RAA Board of Directors. I currently sit as the YPN President as well as a director on the Board, and know the commitment required to hold this position. While with YPN, the committee has become a building block for new agents by providing monthly training, panels, and national speakers. We now even have a voice at the Board of Director level! As part of the Board’s 2020 Strategic Planning Task Force I am well versed in the direction the association hopes to go in the coming years and I am committed to helping it.” MEET TONY reidsmith

Kevin Davis
11 Years of Service

“As a transplant to Acadiana, in 2009 I acquired my salesperson license and in 2014, I acquired my brokers license. In 2016, I became a minority real estate broker of my own company, Sky Universal Realty. I developed an affordable housing program at SMILE Community Action Agency and then proceeded to found Step Up Acadiana, a non-profit housing counseling agency. We provide homebuyer education workshops, pre-purchase counseling and pre-foreclosure counseling. Additionally, it was an honor to graduate from the Louisiana REALTORS® Leadership Class of 2017. That same year I became a mortgage loan originator.” MEET KEVIN reidsmith

Hubert Gauthier
20 Years of Service

“I have chosen to run for Board of Directors for RAA and the LR Director for the following reasons. As our industry begins to expand and specialize, I realize that a leader needs to bring our colleagues and coworkers together. Our industry, I believe, needs to become more diverse and inclusive, both locally and at the state level. Our goal should be to help create a culture that is inclusive of all cultures, brokerages both large and small, and specialization inside of our industry that we can learn from. Together we can accomplish amazing things! Thank you for your consideration.” MEET HUBERT reidsmith

Jacquelyn Cain Gleason
15 Years of Service

“As a current elected board member, my intent in running for another term is to continue my representation and be a voice for our membership. 2020 has been a challenging year but I am committed to turning those challenges into opportunities for the betterment of our organization. I would greatly appreciate your consideration to help uphold our standards, maintain our industry’s professionalism, and to grow responsibly.” MEET JACQUELYN reidsmith

Rachel Hebert
7 Years of Service

“We have a strong Association and will remain strong with continued solid leadership. With constant change in our industry and with more to come, I find it imperative to remain connected locally and statewide in order to support our continued success as an Association. My past experience in the 2018 RAA Leadership Program and 2019 Louisiana REALTORS® Leadership Program has increased my knowledge of our local and statewide Associations and give me the tools necessary to serve. I would be honored to serve as a voice for our membership and help continue our success as a strong and vibrant Association.” MEET RACHEL reidsmith

Shannon Higginbotham

“My name is Shannon Higginbotham with The Higginbotham Group at Keller Williams Realty Acadiana. My background is accounting and coming from the corporate world, Real Estate has always intrigued me. I have been involved with many organizations and have enjoyed the opportunities to lead and make a difference and I am interested in continuing the opportunity to serve in a leadership role with our Board of Directors/RAA. I believe in leading by example, so a few areas that are important to me are honesty, integrity, and customer service. We have a great community and feel there is room for everyone to make a difference if we work together.” MEET SHANNON reidsmith

Ivan Jennings
6 Years of Service

“I am seeking a Director position on the RAA Board for 2021. I believe my experience in business will complement the rest of the serving Board Members. My goal in serving our REALTORS® for the ensuing years will be to continue having one of the best boards in the state of Louisiana. While working with our present and future members, we as a Board can bring knowledge and continuity to our industry. As a REALTOR® for the last six years, I found we must all work together for the good of the public and our clients. I would like to be a part of the future endeavors of the RAA Board.” MEET IVAN reidsmith

Dennis Jones
8 Years of Service

“There are two main reasons why I have decided to run for a Board of Directors position. Reason number one is because I have served in leadership positions with my brokerage for five years. This has given me the courage and skills to take things to the next level and apply for a board position with the RAA. Secondly, real estate is not just a hobby for me. It is my career and I am passionate about it. Over the past eight years, I have served numerous clients and agents at my brokerage. I am now looking forward to serving my fellow agents of the RAA.” MEET DENNIS reidsmith

Kimberly Lafleur
7 Years of Service

“As a REALTOR® for the last seven years, I quickly learned the importance and impact to our Association is to be a part of local and statewide leadership and involvement. I think it is important for those that are well connected in the day to day of our industry as well as those connected in seeing the big picture in helping to advance our Association through the future. This is why as a local top producer and as a 2017 LR Leadership graduate I think it is important for me to continue to serve the Association and its members that have served me.” MEET KIMBERLY reidsmith

Keisha Landry Leblanc
3 Years of Service

“My name is Keisha LeBlanc, and I have been a REALTOR® for more than three years. During that time, I have served in multiple committees to learn more about the needs of our association and to serve my fellow agents. I currently serve as a YPN Board member and would like to further my growth in leadership to better serve all agents as a RAA Board member. Our industry is constantly changing and growing, and I am committed to stay in the forefront of that growth to help serve all of you as a voice for our local REALTOR® community.” MEET KEISHA reidsmith

Phillip Smith
3 Years of Service

“I would love to be in a leadership position with the RAA office. As a newer agent in the early years of my career, I believe that I have fresh eyes on the Association. Along with my new perspective as a REALTOR®, I’m also a small business owner. With the business, I already possess knowledge and experience of running an organization. I’m already involved with all RAA events, even if I do not belong to a committee- I have always shown support and helped at functions. In closing, I am acclimated to technology of today and my voice would be a great help in the future of the RAA Board.” MEET PHILLIP reidsmith

Terrica Smith
14 Years of Service

“My name is Terrica Smith and I have been in real estate for over 14 years. I have been a broker for over eight years. I have served on several committees and I am ready to serve our members on the highest level possible. Aside from experience and knowledge I am running for the board of directors seat because I am committed to seeing a change within our board that includes diversity and equality. Young REALTORS® coming into this business should see a representation of themselves across the board. I am committed to serving our members on the highest level even if that means pioneering change within our own community.” MEET TERRICA reidsmith

Helen Thibeaux
8 Years of Service

“Becoming a Board Member for RAA is a desire I have had for some time. My leadership journey started several years ago when I was selected as a member of the RAA Leadership Academy which expanded my knowledge about every aspect of the association and made me ready to serve as a member on our board of directors. By supporting my candidacy, you will get a director who has proven leadership skills, someone who is forward thinking and professional. I promise to dedicate my time and talents to the betterment of our Association and give fully back to the Board. I am currently serving on the Membership, Professional Standards and MLS User Group committees as serving as the Chair to the Cultural Diversity Committee. Each of these committees requires dedication and participation which I have given to each one fully. Finally, I am passionate about our real estate profession. I believe in being honest and strive for the highest level of integrity in every real estate transaction that I am a part of. I believe these qualities will serve the Membership, the Association and the Board of Directors well. I ask you to support my continued leadership journey at RAA and vote for Helen Thibeaux!” MEET HELEN reidsmith

Ann Breaux Thornton
5 Years of Service

“I understand the responsibilities of this position and that they provide members with the opportunity to learn what is entailed in the day to day operations of the RAA as well as assisting in making decision to better serve its members. My experience and leadership in a variety of organizations in our Acadiana community has prepared me to serve the membership and staff of RAA. Involvement in our real estate industry is especially important to me as I have chosen to invest my time in its future. I look forward to serving RAA as I have enjoyed serving my clients and brokerage.” MEET ANN

Out-of-Parish Director


Toni Effingger
20 Years of Service

“Hi I am Toni Effingger. I feel that being in a leadership position will help me to foster more relationships with agents and brokers that I will meet while holding this position. I also feel that being in a leadership position helps you to grow as a leader and as a professional in the real estate industry.” MEET TONI

Louisiana REALTOR® Director


Walter Campbell
20 Years of Service

“I wish to serve our membership as LR Director in the 2021-22 year. I have developed the leadership skills and ability to continue to drive our association forward. I promise to communicate with our members, listen to the needs, commit to continuous improvement, and will serve our members with unchallenged ethics and an open door. I have served as RAA President, MLS COmmittee Chair, and as State Director of LR. I am also a Lifetime member of the RAA Honor Society, LR Leadership (2006), and Leadership Lafayette Class XXII.” MEET WALTER reidsmith

Hubert Gauthier
20 Years of Service

“I have chosen to run for Board of Directors for RAA and the LR Director for the following reasons. As our industry begins to expand and specialize, I realize that a leader needs to bring our colleagues and coworkers together. Our industry, I believe, needs to become more diverse and inclusive, both locally and at the state level. Our goal should be to help create a culture that is inclusive of all cultures, brokerages both large and small, and specialization inside of our industry that we can learn from. Together we can accomplish amazing things! Thank you for your consideration.” MEET HUBERT reidsmith

Harrison Fuselier
41 Years of Service

“As a licensed Real Estate Agent since 1978 and broker for the past nine years, I offer a range of experiences. A business owner for many years as well as a franchise development agent, my expertise in matching people, place, and opportunities is unique. Since becoming an active part of the real estate marketplace, I have been involved with RAA as a Director for seven years and Treasurer for two. (This position afforded me a position on the Board of Louisiana REALTORS®.) I have served on various committees including Equal Opportunity, Grievance, Cultural Diversity, Professional Development and Standards, Realtor of the Year, Peer Award, Events; Chairman for two years, and ACPAC Auction.” MEET HARRY reidsmith

Jim Keaty

I am excited to be running for the Louisiana REALTOR® Board of Directors as our representative for the REALTOR® Association of Acadiana. Despite the constant onslaught of disruptive outsiders and big businesses, Louisiana REALTORS® has enjoyed a camaraderie that is unheard of in other parts of the country, and we must continue to nurture our support for each other. My goal as your representative on the Louisiana Board of Directors will be to work with the other leaders around the state to protect that which is unique and positive about our culture and which makes the REALTORS® of the great state of Louisiana so unique and special. We have seen Big Businesses and other disruptive outsiders negatively impact other boards in other states. I believe it is critical to have someone who knows the issues and can speak up for our members to protect the REALTOR® brand and integrity in Louisiana. I’m amazed and always encouraged by our organization’s dynamic involvement and the things we can accomplish when we have the right vision and unite. I am grateful for the opportunity to run for this position, and I hope you will allow me to continue to represent our board on the Louisiana REALTOR® Board of Directors. MEET JIM